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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Barbie goes to prom

If we're talking about colours, I need to make a confession: I am a big Barbie fan at heart and my heart skips a beat whenever I see frilly pink gowns or anything in cotton candy shade to be honest.

This time, I entered a magical world in the pink prom dresses section of DressesStylist and I just couldn't stop myself from falling in love with all of these magical grown-up Barbie inspired pieces.

Still, even if you're not going to your prom anytime soon or if distant memories of your prom come to mind now, don't fear,as these stunners work amazing in so many more other occasions, from weddings to cocktail parties and even black tie events!

Moving on now, to showing you my inner-child wishlist.

This baby is a stunner for sure! Long and flowy, with pink embellishments on pink silk, there is nothing else I would like to wear!

The top is fitted, while the bottom flows naturally, allowing both for easy movement, and for the creation of a perfect figure!

The one shoulder design is new and attractive, great with so many body types.

Find the dress here.

An adorably sexy piece, this long pink gown is great for a variety of events, but would probably be an amazing choice for a summer event.

A stronger pink, this works amazing with tanned skin and compliments a newly acquired tan from that amazing holiday you've been on.

The waist accessory offers a new dimension to your waist, emphasizing both your top and middle section.

Find the dress here.

If you want to be a real life princess, forget running after princes. Instead, opt to wear this adorable gown to any event in the near future and you're guaranteed to leave a stunning impression.

With a wide flowing skirt, this dress has a great emphasis put on the top half, with a very well detailed embroidery and embellishments.

Pair this with a diamante bracelet and silver sandals and you're going to be the belle of the ball.

Find the dress here.

My absolute favourite, this draped organza long dress is the perfect selection for any kind of black tie event, even the red carpet.

The cut accentuates all lovable features, while the cleavage is sexy yet not revealing thanks to the overlapping shoulder shall.

Mix this gorgeous item with matching silver accessories and you're guaranteed unforgetable.

Find the dress here.

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

A sophisticated NYE

I will be hunted down by every single fashionista in the world for saying this, but what's better than black for New Year's Eve?

The refinement, the mystery, the seductive allure a black gown will give its wearer on the magical nights between the years cannot be replaced by any other color (or non-color, to be more precise) in the entire spectrum.

In addition to the guaranteed classiness, a black dress, be it a LBD or a full on glamorous gown, will be so easy to accessorize and you won't have to be afraid the perfect matching shoes won't be available.

I've found yet another wonderful selection of black prom dresses at my favorite prom shop, DressesStylist.

This embellished LBD reminds me of Black Swan, played by Natalie Portman. It's cute, yet seductive, and it's already filled with gorgeously laced stones, perfect to add emphasis to the cleavage and waist areas.

The length is cheeky, but acceptable and the ruffled lace adds a very young element to the piece.

Add silver sandals, like the model, for a very chic effect!

Find the dress here.

A much more grown up piece, this black lace maxi dress is a very sober  appearance, yet enveloped in mystery thanks to the lace draping.

The bust overlay is gorgeous, with lace insert to make this piece irresistible and the bare back adds a lot of sensuality.

Again, a very easy piece to pair with most colors. I would recommend nude shoes and a vibrant lip color. Something not so easy to forget!

Find the dress here.

Talking again about lace overlay. This time in a more provocative manner with this sequined mini dress covered in draped lace.

The bodycon dress features a very sexy transparent lace overlay that adds refinement and another dimension to an otherwise night out dress, making it the perfect choice for the New Year's Eve party.

The gemstone belt frees you from having to add too many accessories and lets you concentrate on what really matters: having the time of your life.

Find the dress here.

A bla(n)c(k) canvas this one is (pun intended!!)!

This one shoulder stunner is perfect for those that feel the need to adorn themselves with a variety of statement pieces. From necklaces to bracelets to earrings, everything works with this dress.

Mix and match with a pair of black stilettos and the world is your oyster, nothing will be too much for this gorgeous piece and you will surely guarantee for such an amazing night.

Find the dress here.
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Friday, 19 December 2014

The 5 styles of Christmas gowns

We’re getting closer and closer to that time of the year, when gift shopping becomes a priority and choosing the perfect outfit for the Christmas party an essential part of our lives.

Because I don’t want you to struggle, I’ve carefully selected 4 gorgeous dresses from DressesStylist  in the most gorgeous shades of red.

The grown-up, yet sexy dress is for those who want to show Santa how much they've matured since last Christmas. 
The cut highlights long legs and works well with either tanned or Snow White legs.

My perfect choice of accessories would certainly be something with big decadent black stones, more exactly in the form of either a bracelet or a statement ring, perfect to compliment the already existing accessory of the dress.

Find the dress here.

My favourite dress in the entire collection, this luxurious red gown flows straight to the floor in silk waves, guaranteed to make you an absolutely gorgeous entrance.
The detachable cape adds a note of mystery to an already royal dress, making it a great choice for the Christmas Ball.

Keep it simple and accessorize with a pair of silver or red (in the same tone) stilettos to keep that majestic appearance.

Find the dress here.

It might be winter and it might be cold, but strapless dresses will always be the thing to go for girls with well toned arms and to die for cleavages.
My personal favourite from the short dress selection is this very cute red dress, embellished with a big gorgeous bow and very detailed lace.
Pair this with golden or silver jewelry and you're guaranteed to make a classic statement for this year's party.

Find the dress here.

Decadence, decadence and a bit more decadence! Be the beauty of the night with this stunning red sequin maxi dress.
Be inspired to look like a modern day version of Jessica Rabbit with a dress that's made to show off! Choose to show or stay hidden with a very subtle slit along the left leg and also shine with a lovely silver design.

Special tip? Let your hair flow in wavy curls and wear no accessories for a Blake Lively inspired outfit, or go full-elegant with a classic up-do and a statement neckline necklace.

Find the dress here.

Now, in the end, I'd like to recommend a gorgeous mermaid inspired dress with an attached floral bolero. Choose to follow trends in a very subtle way and impress everyone at the party.
Yet another dress that works amazingly well on its own without the need of any accessories.

Choose to wear it with a romantic up do for a very sophisticated appearance. Add a pair of small earrings, preferably with a deep red ruby as the stone.

Find the dress here.

I hope you've enjoyed this selection of red prom dresses and stay tuned for the upcoming selections!
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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Feel like a princess

You all know how in love I am with very feminine dresses and how irresistible I find very sparkly dresses (yes, I am still a little girl with a tiara in my heart). And you also know that I will find any reason whatsoever to find an occasion to find frilly frocks and embroidered gowns.
So if you are anything like me, you will fall in love with the eye candy I have prepared for you. Just be warned, they are advertised as prom dresses Canada  on PickedDresses , but you will see how easy they would work even for a night on the red carpet.

1.       Hollywood

Yes, I admit it! I would certainly want to walk in any of these 3 dresses on a red carpet, together with A-list celebrities. They are so luxurious and have a very “designer” vibe to them

1   //   2   //   3

2.       A dream in silk
How else would you imagine a goddess if not in long layered silk in sumptuous pastels? Go with one covered shoulder for the Greek look or opt for a heart cleavage to emphasize your neckline.
1   //   2   //   3

3.       Retro

Think old school movies, think Scarlet O’Hara, think elegance and glamour. These dresses have a very clean cut and are amazing with a variety of silhouettes.
1   //   2   //   3

4.       The short version

Well, princess or no princess, but I sure like my fair share of short dresses. A tip? Always emphasize the waist, it will add a dose of glam to any outfit.
1   //   2   //   3

5.       Embellished

Bling, bling, bling and some more bling! If you play your cards right, your pretty embellished dress will become a style statement. Choose from the two subtly decorated ones or jump straight into a heavily decorated mermaid dress so you’re sure to make an impression.
1   //   2   //   3

6.       The princess edition

Do I need to say anything about this?! *Bring me my tiara!*
1   //   2   //   3

7.       The very sophisticated

And in the end, these are some absolutely gorgeous dresses, not forgiving on lots of silhouettes, but very sumptuous and absolutely to die for! (Pick your favourite because I couldn’t decide!!)
1   //   2   //   3

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Holiday attire

Winter’s closer and closer and holiday parties are looming up all around us. Fancy dresses need to be bought, shoes to match and make-up to consider. In all this commotion, shopping online can be the breath of fresh air you need when everything else seems to go haywire!
But where do you go and what do you choose? What cut? What length? What color?!

Wait, don’t fret! I’m here to help you! Over the next month I’ll be focusing on evening gowns ( easy to wear as prom dresses too!) and the color range suitable for each event!
Shall we start off with blue prom dresses?

       Be a snow pixie!
1 // 2

Nothing makes you look more like an adorable snowflake than these gorgeous short A-line dresses.  The cut choice is very flattering for almost everyone and the length is perfect for both a more sophisticated house party and that charity gala you’ve always dreamed of attending.

   Real life mermaid

 1  //  2
If you have long, amazing legs, this is the perfect selection for you! These dresses give you the option to highlight your best asset, either by showing them off with a glowing new tan or by hinting at them in a very stylish manner from underneath a gorgeous blue taffeta trumpet dress.

3.       Frozen extraordinaire!

1  //   2   //   3

Everyone is absolutely in love with Disney’s Frozen this year, and for good reason! The heartwarming animation not only has an amazing love story in the center of it, but the cartoonists and designers work wonders in creating an amazing range of character dresses. Elsa, to be more precise, had a stunning presence throughout the movie and the main dress, the “frozen blue” one might just as well transform her into a fashion icon. So why not step into Elsa’s shoes and go for a brilliant long blue gown for these holidays?

    Stylist’s choice: If you want to have a very sophisticated presence at this year’s ball, be it for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, I would suggest going along the lines of the two dresses bellow. The first one is a very classy choice, with the filigree beading on the middle section and shoulder lapels, while the second is a more daring, red-carpet appropriate gown for when you want to make an entrance!

1   //   2 

In the end, it’s all about what makes you look good and feel good! The entire blue prom dresses range at DressesStylist is to die for, as far as I see it and everything will make you look like a modern Elsa!
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Thursday, 22 May 2014

#Digital Divas 2014: ambassador preview

The official logo of the conference

It's that time of the year again, when all Romanian fashionistas and social media gurus and apprentices get together in a celebration of female online presence, together with fine dining, networking and listening to inspirational speakers. 

Yes, yes, I'm talking about Digital Divas, of course!

The event, which is currently now at its 3rd edition, will take place this year at the fabulous Ghika Palace, in Bucharest, on the 3rd of June.

And I'm in their army of ambassadors once again, of course!

If last year we marveled ourselves during the very insightful or inspirational speeches of powerful women such as Oana Pellea or Andreea Esca, or found the time to write the tips Ana Morodan or Mirela Bucoviceanu, this year's edition hopes to equal and surpass the high quality of the former. And the majority of speakers does promise quite a lot!

As last year, the 3 main elements of the session will be:
  • Inspiration - a series of motivational speeches
  • The road to success - tips and tricks from people who've made it
  • Awards Gala - a ceremony of recognition for the best women in the Romanian online environment
This year's categories are:
To be fair, I'm looking forward to this year's gala for various reasons, starting with the speeches of Andreea Badala, Maurice Munteanu and Vicki Nicola (who kicked ass last year and I want more!), as well as hearing specialist opinions from Alina Gavril Bortun, especially now, when I can talk like an actual PR student.
Besides all of this, I'm quite enthusiastic to see some of my old friends and, not to mention, catch up with the Romanian fashion environment, as I've been away for too long and I've had to turn down so many events.

And all is good, but I've just browsed to the old posts from last year ( here & here) and I've began going down on memory lane. I will certainly miss my dear Alina ( from Add some style), who will be doing her dissertation, but I'm happy to be going to see Adriana (from Walk with Ad) and Alina (from Alina Barbu Make-Up).

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Prom is close!

The highlight of senior year and the look-to goal for all high school fashionistas, prom is probably the best occasion to showcase yearly trends and walk on the red carpet feeling like a diva.

This time last year, I was in an obsessive frenzy of getting myself a perfect dress for the most important (according to me) event in my entire high school life: my prom.
I had found the design on Pinterest and knew it was both perfect for me and unique, so I wouldn't face the misfortune of finding someone with the same dress. I asked a designer "friend" of mine about helping me and not charging me an arm and a leg and ended up crying on the day of the event because the amazing "designer" had managed to make a fool out of my dream-dress and my mom had to cut it and perform some last-minute alterations.

But don't be scared! I'm here to give you tips and tricks so you can look fabulous for your wonderful night and don't grow a handful of grey hairs in the process.

1. Timing is everything
I managed to blunder this big time when it was my turn to attend prom, but it shouldn't be yours! It might be a little bit too late for some now, but even if you have just a week before prom, take advantage of the moment and don't wait until D-Day to purchase a dress or try and make arrangements for hair, nails and make-up. You still have a lot of days to practice walking in that amazing pair of stilettos so you don't get blisters from simply sitting in those shoes!

2. Work with your body
Everyone might love that mermaid dress or that short bodycon, but let's face it: we're not all Victoria's Secret supermodels and those dresses will only make you want to frown the entire night. Instead of choosing a dress too short and trying to pull its hems the whole length of the party, go for a longer length that's still flattering.

3. Don't fear alterations
Going back to point 1, where I recommend trying to buy your dress as in advance as possible, you should always leave time for alterations. You might gain/lose weight or not, so you should take that into consideration. You might also find an amazing dress that just doesn't do enough justice to your butt, but you can always find a seamstress to take it in or loosen it a bit.

4. Prep your prom clutch
You've obviously bought yourself a lovely clutch to go with the outfit, but on the day you'll probably panic and have no idea what to throw in it, either making it a big bulge of sparkly fabric or forgetting something essential. The essentials you should put there are: some cash for unexpected expenses and maybe a cab ride home, mini make-up samples matching your own make-up and possibly a sample of your perfume, so you can freshen up during the magical evening.

5. Pe prepared
It might be summer and it might be hot, but you shouldn't forget to carry a blazer or a cardigan, just for when you're going to take your date out of the restaurant for some romantic star gazing. Also, after every picture's been taken and your feet just want to move to the groove, get a small bag with ballet flats you can comfortably jump around it.

6. Make memories
Don't forget to have fun! After all, you only get one high school prom and one chance to enjoy it with your dear high school mates. Take a million pictures, laugh the whole night and get yourself discussion topics for the 10-year meet-up.

I was searching the web in inspiration for this post and I stumbled upon an e-mail from Dress Dressy, so I decided to give the website a look. There I found some wonderful prom dresses online, perfect for looking glamorous at prom. Check out my selection bellow:

1 / 2 / 3
There aren't that many opportunities to dress up in long lavish gowns, so why not take advantage of prom and get to dress yourself up in very luxurious long dresses, embellished with jewels or lace?

1 / 2 / 3
I don't know about you, but I've always loved feeling like a princess, and what better occasion than prom to do that? My personal favourite is the red lace one, I love how the lace seems to blend with the skin without even showing that much skin. Not to mention, the dress isn't too puffy, which makes it that more luxurious.

1 / 2 / 3

Though not for the girls that drank too much Pepsi during the year, this type of dress is certainly extremely sexy and can be very flattering. Choose either a simple uni one or a widely embellished one and you're guaranteed to get noticed!

1 / 2 / 3

But then again, this time of the year's hot and short skirts work great with high heels. Go for A-line short dresses that emphasize the waist and lengthen your legs beyond compare.

And just before I finish this post, I'll let you some of my very own photographic memories from last year, when I had my prom.

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